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Top Movies Of The 80's


The Empire Strikes Back $290,268,568  

Superman II $108,185,706

9 To 5 $103,290,500   

Stir Crazy $101,300,000 

Airplane!  $83,400,000

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Emmy Awards



Best Drama -  Hill Street Blues (NBC)    

Best Actor -  Daniel J. Travanti, Hill Street Blues    

Best Actress -  Barbara Babcock, Hill Street Blues: “Fecund Hand Rose”    

Supporting Actor - Michael Conrad, Hill Street Blues    

Supporting Actress -  Nancy Marchand, Lou Grant    



Best Comedy - Taxi (ABC)    

Best Actor -  Judd Hirsch, Taxi    

Best Actress -  Isabel Sanford, The Jeffersons    

Supporting Actor - Danny DeVito, Taxi    

Supporting Actress -  Eileen Brennan, Private Benjamin    

Best Variety- Lily: Sold Out (CBS) 

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80's Movie Releases


Breaker Morant 


Coal Miner's Daughter  

Flash Gordon  

Friday the 13th 


Herbie Goes Bananas  

Mad Max 

Ordinary People 

Private Benjamin

Raging Bull 

Stardust Memories 

The Blue Lagoon  

The Shining  

Urban Cowboy 

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Academy Award Winners


Best Actor:  Robert De Niro: Raging Bull

Best Actress:  Sissy Spacek: Coal Miner's Daughter 

Best Director:  Robert Redford: Ordinary People 

Best Picture:  Ronald L. Schwary: Ordinary People  

Best Supporting Actor:  Timothy Hutton: Ordinary People 

Best Supporting Actress:  Mary Steenburgen: Melvin and Howar

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80's Top 20 TV Favorites


01. Dallas    

02. 60 Minutes    

03. The Dukes of Hazzard    

04. Private Benjamin    

05. M*A*S*H    

06. The Love Boat    

07. The NBC Tuesday Night Movie    

08. House Calls    

09. The Jeffersons    

10. Little House on the Prairie    

11. The Two of Us    

12. Alice    

13. Real People    

14. Three's Company    

15. The NBC Movie of the Week    

16. One Day at a Time    

17. Too Close for Comfort    

18. Magnum P.I.    

19. Diff'rent Strokes    

20. NFL Monday Night Football 

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