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About offers a glimpse into the rear view mirror of American popular culture of the 60's to the 90's, with an emphasis on Funk, R&B, and Soul music. As time passes society seems to become more and more desensitized to violence, negative images, and social issues. Values seem to be diminishing. It makes you wonder what's to come.

We invite the younger generation to to learn a little history. We invite the not so young to visit and reminisce about a more innocent time. A time when music was about love and partying. We were young, we were gifted, and We Were Funky.


The Documentary

We're also producing a documentary entitled, We Were Funky.  Currently in production this documentary tells the story of the Funk/R&B musician, the music scene, and culture of the 70's. The backdrop is Atlanta, GA, a city that has played a major or contributing role in the development of various genres of American music at different points in it's history. In the 1970's Atlanta witnessed it's first African American mayor, and Hank Aaron breaking the great Babe Ruth's home run record. Stay connected to for updates.

Tune in to Soul Sisters on the Pure Soul Station Powered By Isaac Hayes on Dash Radio every Thursday at 5PM EST.

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