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Theresa Hightower

Today we were at Encore Film And Music Studio, on the set of the documentary We Were Funky with Crew Nation, Isabel Aurora, and award winning singer, songwriter, actress, and Atlanta treasure, Ms. Theresa Hightower. Theresa spoke of the pride and passion of the 70's musicians, the 70's club scene, the bands, and much more. The producers of We Were Funky would like to thank Theresa for sharing her story.

John 'JB' Bigham

The producers of the We Were Funky documentary would like to thank JB of 'The Soul Of John Black', for interviewing with us. Although originally from Chicago and now carving out a career in LA, under the moniker of The Soul Of John Black, JB spent most of the 70's in Atlanta, GA. JB weighed in on the 70's Funk/R&B music scene of Atlanta, as well as, his experiences as guitarist for the alternative rock band Fishbone for 8 years, and recording and touring with Miles Davis. Thanks JB for flying in to do the We Were Funky documentary. ‪

Magga Brain On The Set

We Were Funky was on Campbellton Rd. with the Atlanta 70's band, Magga Brain. They were one of the most popular Funk/R&B bands of the late 70's to early 80's in Atlanta, GA. Campbellton Rd. in the 70's was an area containing a large concentration of live entertainment clubs. Since many of the interviewees are speaking of this strip, located on the southwest side of Atlanta, the producers of We Were Funky decided to film a scene on location. In the film, Magga Brain will be sharing their experiences coming up in the 70's Funk/R&B scene of Atlanta. Pictured from left to right are original members Stephan Perry (Guitar), Dwight Smith (Drums), Rodney "Redo" Allen (Keyboards), and Ronald Jackson (Bass). These guys haven't been together in over 30 years. Thankfully it didn't take a funeral to do it, but rather the documentary, We Were Funky. ‪

SOS Band On The Set

They've traveled the world, yet never forgot about where it all started. The producers of the We Were Funky documentary would like to thank Mary Davis and Abdul Ra'oof of the real SOS Band for their interview. They shared the story of their beginning in the club scene of Atlanta, GA, as well as their experiences in the Atlanta 70's music scene. This hit machine is still going strong, touring all over the world, spreading their message of love, the old school way. Show them some love at

Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody

This week We Were Funky will be interviewing Atlanta's own, Brick. These guys put Atlanta on the map in 1976 with their smash hit, Dazz followed by the hit, Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody from their sophomore album in 1977. Hear their story about coming up in the 70's Atlanta music scene, and their views on the music and music industry of today.

Sonny Emory On The Set

Sonny Emory on the set of We Were Funky, a documentary film describing the band culture and the music of the 70's verses today. He weighed in on his feelings about today's smooth jazz, as well as, today's mainstream music. This music documentary will be premiered this Fall.

Looking For Band Pics

The producers of We Were Funky are looking for promo pics from the local Atlanta funk bands of the 1970's. Your photos may be used in our ad campaign, as well as, the documentary. Send pics to Subject: We Were Funky Pic

Dwight Smith On The Set

The producers of We Were Funky would like to thank Dwight Smith for letting us into his studio today. We were there to see what he had to say about the 70's R&B/Funk scene of Atlanta. Dwight was drummer for the popular group Maggabrain, a dynamic group that played a major role in the 70's Atlanta music scene. Dwight has traveled the world with such artists as Peabo Bryson, Glenn Frey, Engelbert Humperdinck and many more. Thanks for the interview.

Mixing For We Were Funky

Joining the production staff for the documentary, We Were Funky is Tonderick 'TW' Watkins. He's serving as Technical Director, and Sound Engineer for a major scene in the film. A native Atlantan, TW got his start doing sound for local bands... in the 70's. He's credited for forming the band, Climax as the drummer, while attending Therrell High School. Climax later became The Maxx and are still performing today.
He has mixed front of house for several recording acts, such as; Wyclef, Busta Rhymes, Musiq Soul Child, Beyoncé, Jagged Edge, Keith Sweat, John Legend, Outkast, New Edition, and more. We're glad to have him on board.


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