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Patti Labelle vs Gladys Knight: A Night to Remember

We are still flying high from the Patti LaBelle vs Gladys Knight battle. Let’s be honest and say this was a win for us once again. We loved the energy they brought to the battle and our homes. LaBelle’s notes mixed with Knight’s performances was everything we needed and then some.

The evening opened up with them catching up and reminiscing over the times they had together and apart. It was like watching our aunties joke and laugh about the “good ole days.” With 60 years in the music industry, the two of them had plenty to talk about and plenty music to back it up.


Their stage presence did not skip a beat. Along with playing music from their catalogs, they spoke about children, cooking, and all the little joys in between it all. Honey, we were eating this battle session up. Hearing songs such as “Midnight Train”, “If Only You Knew”, On and On”, “Somebody Love You Baby (You Know Who It Is)”, and “Love Overboard” fueled the audience with more excitement than we had before the battle.


We didn’t know what to expect, but with extraordinary legends such as them, of course, they did not disappoint. They brought those

amazing voices to the battle as well and trust when we say Gladys Knight showed up and showed out. She came with instrumentals and gave us choreography when needed.


This was some good Sunday night fun, baby! House clean, wine glasses poured, dinner made, and us dancing around the house singing every word to the songs. This night was a very special one, especially the moment they pulled Dionne Warwick on stage and blew us all away.


We can not express how much we needed this for music and black culture as a whole. There was so much love and joy on stage, and we could feel it from the comforts of our living rooms, bedrooms, or where we decided to pull up the live stream.

These Verzuz battles just keep getting better and better with time and we are loving it. So, we will end it on this question as we do after every dope battle, how are they going to top this one?!

Stay tuned for more on the Verzuz battles and feel free to browse through the WWF website for artist profiles on some of the artists from the Verzuz battles and from music past. Until next time, funky fans.

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