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Top Movie Soundtracks of the 60s


Alright soundtrack fans, this is the beginning of a series where we have picked some classic movies with soundtracks for each decade. Sometimes it’s the music that accompanies the movie that can makes the film well worth the watch.

We will start our series off with the 60s. Just to give a bit of background information; the 60s was a time where African Americans were fighting a long history of racism and laws against equal rights. Though we had come a long way, it was through entertainment that we were able to bring out political issues. Though the movies were few, we were able to find some of the best movies of the 60s with memorable soundtracks to match.


A few of the movies that we list are not as known but should be given some consideration as these movies were important and critical to the events during the time.

So, movie and soundtrack fans, WeWereFunky has compiled this list of the top movies we found to be the best fit for this decade and series of events.


10. Take the Hammer – 1963


This movie was a television documentary film produced and directed by KQED TV’s Richard O. Moore starring Activist James Baldwin. While it is a less known movie, the movie and the songs represent the inequalities in the workplace and civic life in the South.


9. The Learning Tree – 1969


A movie set in the 1920s about the life of a black teenager that is forced into sudden manhood through a series of events as a black individual. Produced by Gordon Parks, the soundtrack comes recommended for the time period along with the movie.


8. Sweet Love, Bitter – 1967


Movie about a black jazzman and white professor who hang at an espresso bar. The life of drugs and alcohol between these two is a MUST SEE! This soundtrack was produced by an American jazz pianist Mal Waldron and was recorded for the film the same year.

7. Pressure Point – 1962


This is the case of an African American who hate white people and sees a psychiatrist to help with the case. Sidney Poitier as lead gave this movie remarkable ratings. The music to match was just as great for the time period.

6. For Love of Ivy – 1968


Another Sidney Poitier film where his character attempts to romance a maid into staying in her job. This soundtrack was produced by the legendary Quincy Jones. A must see and hear for both!

5. Lilies of the Field – 1963


AS you can tell by now, Sidney Poitier was the IT character for most of the 60s films. Soundtrack produced by Jerry Goldsmith and Leroy Holmes. Watch as German nuns feel that a handyman is God sent to help them build a chapel.


4. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – 1967


Movie about a white woman bringing a black man to dinner. We all know the remake with Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher with the same concept except the roles are reversed. Soundtrack produced by Frank De Vol. Try watching both movies and grasping each prospective.

3. Nothing but A Man – 1964


A man who finds his life changing after meeting a schoolteacher, only after leaving his son with a nanny to pursue his career. This soundtrack has many of our favorites such as Stevie Wonder, The Miracles, and Mary Wells to name a few.

2. A Raisin in the Sun – 1961


The all-time favorite movie and play! A Raisin in the Sun has gotten some much steam for being an inspirational black film and play both in the 60s and again in the 2000s. This soundtrack was produced by Laurence Rosenthal; however, it was released in 2001. A truly dope movie and play!


Coming in at # 1 on our list: In The Heat Of The Night – 1967


A crowd favorite for real! Any of us could watch this movie on replay and it has been known to be on many local channels during day-time television. This mystery/crime movie comes with a soundtrack that is also produced by the great Quincy Jones. Do us a favor, if you have not watched the movie or listened to the music: DO IT! DO IT NOW!

We have many more movies and soundtracks coming to you so stay tuned and do us favor, tell us what we missed and what your favorite movie and soundtrack was for any decade. Take us down your memory lane.

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